Disclosure: Please keep in mind that some of the links below are affiliate links.  If you choose to follow through on any of the links and decide to purchase something, there is no additional cost to you as a buyer. Be sure that the products that you do ultimately purchase are products that you need and that will benefit you in advancing your skills in Excel and your career.

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All in One Websites

CHANDOO.ORG– Become Awesome in Excel

Chandoo hascovered anything and everything on the subject of Excel and has created a library of products, articles and even a forum to help you become awesome in Excel.Here are a few handy links from Chandoo’s website.

EXCEL CAMPUS – Learn Excel, Work Smarter & Save Time

Jon Acampora is an Excel geek who is just ridiculously good at Excel. He’s developed several Excel Add-Ins and has created 2 amazingly successful Excel courses.

Excel Products from Excel Campus

My Favorite Page / Blog Post:How to Add a Search Box to a Slicer to Quickly Filter Pivot Tables


Puneet is a relatively new blogger but is coming out with a lot of great Excel training content. He seems to focus on all aspects of Excel and does come up with some very creative ways to use Excel in your day to day operation.


Rick Granthastarted this great website and YouTube TV show called Excel TV where he and several other Excel gurus in the industry including Jordan Goldmeier from Option Explicit VbaOz Du Soleil from DataScopic and Szilvia Juhas from Xszil talk and host other experts in the Excel industry to go over anything and everything on Excel. 


Lee has done an excellent job putting together a ton of relevant and easy to learn tutorials on everything from Excel functions/formulas, to conditional formatting and all the way to how to use pivot tables in your day to day activities.

My Favorite Page / Blog Post: An Introduction to Pivot Tables: Part 1.


Rishabh has done a phenomenal job at build a beautiful website with a ton of different Excel resources that will help you on your journey to becoming an Excel expert and an MS Office expert for that matter.

My Favorite Page / Blog Post: Excel VLOOKUP Function: How and Why?

VBA Code

THESPREADSHEETGURU.COM – Learn to be a More Productive Analyst

Chris has done a crazy good job at building up a huge community of analysts that follow him religiously. He focuses mostly on teaching users how to use VBA in Excel to be more productive and creates some really great guides for specific areas within the application.


Ryan and I worked together to bring to life an Excel Add-In called CFShapesRyan focuses and covers some pretty advanced material and blog posts on VBA in Excel and has also created other Excel Add-Ins.



Ben definitely goes outside of only using Excel in his blog posts but he does teach some seriously cool things when it comes to data analytics on his website.

INVESTINTECH Excel Tips for Data Analysts

Invest in Tech has developed a long list of Excel tips for data analysis.  This is a great resource if you’re looking for information on how to perform and complete data analysis using Excel.

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