"Our goal here at bradedgar.com is to teach you how to answer anything using Microsoft Excel."


  • We strive at being able to provide value to you by training you how to use Microsoft Excel to answer both common and uncommon business questions (or any type of question for that matter).


  • We want to teach you how to build dashboards and reports that will not only impress your boss and co-workers but we want to help you achieve a confidence level that will help you drive change in your organization.


  • We want your time to be valued (even more so than it already is) by others and make them realize how important and needed you are by your company.


  • We are dedicated to teaching you valuable skills that you can use in any aspect of your life be it through your own business, at work as an employee or even in your personal life.




About Myself


First off, I do want to say that I'm very excited and honored that you've taken the time to come to my website to see what we're all about here.  


My name is Brad and over the past several years working as a business professional I've developed a genuine interest in Microsoft Excel and its ability to pretty much come up with a solution to all of my business problems.  My true interest came when I realized that Excel was by far the best tool out there to slice and dice information to ultimately get me answers to questions that my bosses, co-workers and clients were asking but always had a hard time answering.  Being able to solve problems to difficult business questions provided me with confidence and satisfaction in my work and has helped me in developing projects and programs to reduce cost, identify and fix business inefficiencies and improve business processes which all aim at helping the business grow.


My personal goal is to help people develop their Excel skills which I'm hoping will in turn help them find confidence and reason in their employment or business endeavors.  I look forward to helping you and feel free to drop me a line below with any questions you may have.





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